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Intelwater is a fast growing pool construction company established on January 2004.
Our company has three key business targets :

  • Pool and Spa Construction as well as Maintenance
  • Water Treatment
  • Sales of Mechanological and Tecnical Equipment

By now our staff consists of 10 technicians and 6 engineers (2 civil-4 chemical) all fully employed.
Our company's headquarters is situated in Thessalonica which is in the northern of Greece (the second largest city in Greece) and ιν 2007 we started a second company in Athens in order to cover the South of Greece and islands Since the beginning of our business operations we have completed the construction of more than 80 pools, 20 SPA 's, 40-50 water treatment projects not to mention the fact that all our customers have trusted us with the service as well as various support issues of their pools and continue to do so.
We cooperate with various suppliers from Europe, to mention a few : Astral , PSA France Zodiac Group, HYDROSWIM France, Plastika England, IBERSPA Spain and in Water treatment with EUROTROL Italy, Ceasa Spain, GRUNDFOS, Dunfoss, Dow etc.
Our office in Thermi Thessaloniki at 48 Kapetan Hapsa str and our new office in Athens is in Paleo Faliro at 20 Agias Varvaras and Pericleus str.
Intelwater aims to continuous improvement of its product quality and to increase its human potential, so as to be a report point for quality issues not only in the market of N. Greece, but also in the whole country. INTEL WATER 's target is the regular co-operation with dynamic or consolidated companies and the inlet of its products in new markets in the whole area of Eastern Europe. Since 15 January 2006 we obtained ISO 9001 from BVQI for all of our activities.

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10 Λόγοι για δημιουργία πισίνας
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Μπορεί το σχήμα και η διακόσμηση της κάθε πισίνας να διαφέρουν από σπίτι σε σπίτι, με εκατοντάδες διαθέσιμα σχέδια και προεκτάσεις, ωστόσο τα συστήματα ανακυκλοφορίας νερού είναι δύο. Το στοιχείο που τα κάνει να ζεχωρίζουν είναι ο τρόπος με τον οποίο συλλέγουν το επιφανειακό νερό και το οδηγούν στο μηχανοστάσιο για το φιλτράρισμα. Οι δύο κατηγορίες που έχουμε να επιλέξουμε λοιπόν, είναι το σύστημα ανακυκλοφορίας με σκίμμερ και το σύστημα με υπερχείληση.

Construction records from Intelwater

Intelwater an innovative pool construction company in Greece, delivers the largest automatic pool safety cover in Greece.

Πισίνα στα Μουδανιά
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H Intelwater ολοκλήρωσε την κατασκευή της πίσνας συγκροτήματος κατοικιών με μαρμάρινη περιμετρική υπερχείλιση στα Μουδανιά Χαλκιδικής.

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